Thursday, September 8, 2011

A love affair...
I do love the clouds,
More than the mountains,
Yes they move
Not so rigid
I remember being in the midst of the clouds
and I loved it,
Was it the conquest I felt?
which I made over the clouds,
the thrill of being at the top
of the world
the thrill of being able to
see the blue sky
the clear blue crystal
Pure ,
the thrill to know that
still there are stuffs which are untainted vibrant
crystal clear,
or was it the triumph of my victory
an evidence of my grind,
A triumph that the young
will not lose trust in
trekking, Yes is it slogging
or passion
Yes the "Mantra of "keep forging ahead"
which was once passed on by my papa
to spread it in the world
or the flag of his faith
that "I am moving clouds today, tomorrow I shall try mountains"
which I am carrying with me all the time,
of course
depends on your eye
you may see it as insanity
my passion to move clouds today
or a special binding between me and papa
or a desire to see smile on each face
or a selfish desire to see him once in midst of the clouds
it all depends
Yes I do float there in my
dreams and see a beautiful
realm, clean, candid, euphoric.
I feel strongly the need,
Yes, the need to move clouds
To see the blue sky


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